Our story

And then there was Juju. An eight-week old ball of rambunctious pup who bowled his way into our lives and then nothing was the same - in fact everything was better than we had realised and became more than we could ever have expected.

Though friends and family might've believed we were in training for a human child, our connection with Juju was always the real deal, right from the very start. Eyebrows were raised at our happy announcement of adding this Staffordshire Bull Terrier to our lives, to make us a family. And in particular, with reference to our new 'baby's' breed.

It soon became apparent also, that not everyone we met on walks shared an affinity for Staffies. Or even gave (themselves) Juju a chance to share any exchange that could lead to a happier relationship or understanding of who he was. It was with frustration at these encounters, that the makings of Found & Hound were born.

Whether or not other people understood or found it trivial, I appointed my qualifications in design and textiles toward being bespoke tailor to Juju in my downtime. Who knew that a simple bandana, knotted about the neck of our bull-breed baby was all it took to disarm a passer-by?

This revelation married with an obsession for rescuing vintage and a thirst for one-off stuff, gave way to Found & Hound...which we hope you will love.