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Welcome to Found & Hound! Here you will find handmade and one-of-a-kind vintage for your furry kin. From found materials, for your hound.

Because you cherish your four-legged family members as much we do & enjoy being able to express their unique personality to others you meet. Or perhaps because it just makes good sense to repurpose the no longer useful, in the creation of the new which you can treasure.

Found & Hound is for the handmade, the sustainable, the vintage, the bespoke, for that which no-one else can find. For gifts that demand a certain expertise and individual eye in their creation - as individual as each and every pet. Found & Hound ensure that you and your companion always step out in only the very finest.

Best of all, part of each F&H purchase will go straight to Pets of The Homeless Australia, to support the awesome work they do to preserve the welfare of animals who need it most, as well as the bond we humans have with them. Yep, dollars are donated for each collar, bow and bandana that are purchased. You do that!